About Me

69640_10200617248537357_1128013520_nCardiff born and bred ecologist, conservationist and bird ringer.









Publication List:

Vafidis JO, Vaughan IP, Jones TH, Facey RJ, Parry R, et al. (2014) Habitat Use and Body Mass Regulation among Warblers in the Sahel Region during the Non-Breeding Season. PLoS ONE 9(11): e113665. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0113665

Facey, R. and Vafidis, J. (2009). The diet of barn owls at two sites in West Wales. Welsh Birds 6(1): 68-69.

Facey, R., Lucas, A. and Vafidis, J. (2012). Notes on the conservation, history and current status of the tree sparrow on Gower. Birds in Wales 9(1): 3-8.

Ross-Smith, V.H., Conway, G.J., Facey, R.J., Bailey, B.H., Lipton, M., Whitfield, S.A., and Ferns, P.N. (2013). Population size, ecology and movements of gulls breeding on Flat Holm Island. Birds in Wales 10(1): 7-21.


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