36 for 36…

2015-01-21 10.48.59Well I’m off the starting blocks with two visits to my patch for Patchwork Challenge (PWC) 2015. On the first visit I bagged 33 species which is not bad for a visit to this site! This weekend I ventured out, feeling a little under the weather, and notched up a further three. These 36 give me 36 PWC points.

There is nothing overly “special” on my 36 species list – although I’m quite pleased with rook and fieldfare as I don’t get them often. Especially when compared to my other Cardiff PWC competitors who, between them, have things like long-tailed duck, yellow legged gull, lesser scaup, great northern diver, and black redstart on their lists…

My species curve will level out for a while as there are only a few regular species yet to get – dipper and grey wagtail are yet to make appearance. Tawny owl should be on there too. Coal tit and green woodpecker shouldn’t take too long to add. But after those the list will likely remain static until the migrants come. That is fine as it will give me opportunity to scour the gull flocks more… can’t wait…

But is not about the species list. The sight of 200+ redwing launching into the trees as a sparrowhawk shot through the flock was impressive!




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