Mollusc World

Figure 2

C. barbara on the mudstone cliff face.

During a sunny day this summer I found myself on the coast of South Wales with colleagues checking on the status of a geological SSSI near Hayes point, Barry in South Wales. Now, interesting as geology is, I have a short attention span for things that don’t move. I soon found myself searching for snails in the vegetation on the small coast cliff with one of my colleagues.

During this little snail seeking foray, I made a minor discovery; a previously unknown colony of Cochlicella barbara! For me, this is the highlight of my molluscy career so far- I’m easily pleased. Like much of our mollusc fauna, C. Barbara is not native to our shores.It was first discovered in Torquay in 1975 and is know from only handful of sites along the south coast of England and Wales – the nearest site to this new site is Kenfig which is about 35km. This diminutive snail is wide spread in the Mediterranean where it favours open, calcium rich coastal sites.

 Mollusc World is published by the The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland


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